MaxLiving Student Program

MaxU brings together chiropractic students to educate, inspire, and empower them to reach their full potential.  

Go From Class to Clinic with Max.U

Our goal is to educate chiropractic students on business and professional skills outside of the classroom. 

MaxU opens the door for multiple career opportunities, including associate positions, business owners, and future MaxLiving Partners. By joining our free program for chiropractic students, you will receive:

  • Personal Development & Mentorship

  • Business intensive webinars & sessions

  • Weekly Trainings on or off campus

  • MaxLiving Events




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Join our FREE program for chiropractic students and receive:


Personal Development & Mentorship


Business intensive webinars & sessions

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Weekly Trainings on or off campus

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MaxLiving Events

Download this FREE Webinar led by North America's top performing chiropractors

Hear from three of the most powerful chiropractors in our profession today. They each have built 1,000 patient visits per week practices with extraordinary patient results all while having amazing families and children.

Here is what will be discussed:

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MaxLiving’s impact on our students

Advance your personal and professional skillset by joining the largest chiropractic student network in North America