What is MaxMetabolix?

MaxMetabolix is functional nutrition and toxicity testing that looks at blood, urine, stool and/or saliva samples to determine your specific nutrient and detoxification needs.

These testing methods look at broken biomarkers in the body to find underlying problems.


Common metabolic deficiencies:

Unlike traditional healthcare that treats based on your symptoms, we identify the root cause, so that we can provide you with a personalized strategy to regain optimal function. 

MaxMetabolix gives you the tools for optimal health and longevity!

The Benefits of MaxMetabolix

MaxMetabolix doesn’t treat based on symptoms but instead finds the root cause of the body’s nutrient deficiencies, toxicities, and genetic susceptibilities. MaxMetabolix tests and addresses the underlying problems at the cellular level. Utilizing at-home functional testing methods of blood, urine, stool, and/or saliva, this testing provides a clear view of how your body functions. 

These samples help to recognize broken pathways in the body. With MaxMetabolix, we have found a way to become proactive instead of reactive. Correct potential issues before it becomes a disease or diagnosis. MaxMetabolix enhances human performance and ultimately helps you reach your potential.

Why do we test and what does it address?

Identifying nutritional insufficiencies, toxicities and genetic susceptibility that may be the cause of chronic conditions is the reason why MaxMetabolix was created. All health issues have a root cause, and we want to identify them in their infancy. 

Restoring vitality within your body begins with taking early action and removing the interference within the body. Our testing allows us to measure functional biomarkers and provide a natural solution. We aren’t simply interested in the diagnosed condition but also identifying the upstream causes of the problem.

The testing helps to uncover broken pathways on a deeper level by looking at:

Is MaxMetabolix right for me?

This program provides your patient with an individualized nutrition plan, detoxification advice, targeted nutritional supplements and customized approach of restoring vitality within the body. Testing can benefit anyone from your patients with chronic health issues all the way to athletes looking to improve their performance.  Anyone over the age of two years old can complete any of our MaxMetabolix testing. We encourage all patients regardless of their current health to test and not guess!

Why should my practice commit to the MaxMetabolix Program?

It detects disruptions and deficiencies in the body that can lead to a wide array of chronic diseases and symptoms.

It pinpoints the areas where additional support is needed so that your patients feel better.

It benefits healthy individuals who can have silent nutritional deficiencies. The absence of symptoms does not equal health.

Receive access to trainings, interpretations, marketing material and resources, as well as special pricing with Genova.

A practice implementing MaxMetabolix with just 5 patients a month can expect a gross revenue increase of $120k-$180k per year.