Development & Resources

Learning Management System (LMS)

LMS is an online tool where you access best-in-class training available for you and your team! These self-paced learning courses allow you to enhance your skills at your convenience, in order to provide the highest quality care for your patients. 
Whether it’s learning a new approach in the patient process, integrating top quality nutritional supplements in your clinic, studying spinal correction techniques and homecare, or making sure your finances are in line, we have an abundance of courses available and ready to aid in the success of your practice.

Knowledge Base

Knowledge Base is an online library of tools, also available to those in the MaxLiving Program. This online resource is indexed and searchable, allowing quick access to any and all documents. We provide materials related to the patient process, team development, scripting, workshops, supplements, social media, and so much more to cover all aspects of running a thriving clinic.

Support the growth and success of your practice by joining the MaxLiving Program to gain access to our Learning Management System and Knowledge Base!