About Us

MaxLiving is a vitalistic movement of committed Doctors of Chiropractic seeking to identify cause, remove interference, and restore optimal function.

ML Nation

MaxLiving Nation

With nearly two decades in business, an international network of Health Centers, and partnerships with top tier organizations, we are here to help people better understand and manage their health now to keep them healthy long-term.

MaxLiving operates inside of core values that honor informed consent, respectful debate, information exchange, First Amendment freedom, bodily autonomy, and conscientious decision-making. We view our patients as independent free thinkers and respect their individual views, healthcare choices, and informed decision-making.

MaxLiving's Core Values

Created to serve

We are committed to serving others to help them unlock their full potential. The lives we touch will allow the world to become a healthier place.

Guard it well

“IT” meaning our movement, each other, truth, our Core, the principle, our calling, and in doing righteous work

Cause over condition

Root cause in all we do. We also look to uncover the root cause in any symptom so that we can remove the interference and restore the pathway. This not only applies to the human body but also in the work we do.

Heroes grow here

In the face of danger, we combat adversity through feats of ingenuity, courage, and strength. We show up for others, our world needs more heroes, we connect the physical with the spiritual. Reject apathy, accept responsibility, live courageously, and expect a deferred reward.

Make it better

Constant improvement, commitment to always growing, excellence. Whether it be our patient experience, conversions, training, certifications, advancement of knowledge, or measuring results, we seek to make it better.

Numbers matter

We count people because people count! We measure impact and outcomes and hold ourselves accountable to an objective reality. We measure patient visits, visit collection averages, cost per visit, cash flow, net worth, referrals, etc. We look to achieve a balance in running a sustainably successful clinic so that we can invest in changing more lives.

Life Together

While we are a diverse network we are all on the same team that empowers each other, learns and grows together, anchors and supports each other. We recognize that our solidarity gives us uncommon strength in the face of adversity.

Our purpose is to inspire people to honor the wisdom of the body and live a life free from interference.

25 years of arming DC’s with the certainty, training, research, marketing, and practice management protocols to positively impact patient’s lives while building successful & sustainable practices. We offer the best balanced mix of heart, head, hands, and habits.